Life Mastery CPD Course

CPD Course | Continuous Professional Development Course 

With effect from 26th March 2019, CEA has announced that the CPD 2 requirement (C1, C2 and C3 course under 3 consecutive CPD cycles) has been waived off.

Hence, RES will now only need to ensure that they clock in atleast 6 Core Points or 4 Core Points + 2 Non-Core Points every cycle.  


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For FIRST-TIME users, please use the “NEW” tab when applying for a course.

For REPEAT customers, you will be asked to sign in to LMA's new SMS Portal to have access to your account ( 

DEFAULT USERNAME and PASSWORD is your NRIC (all caps, e.g. S1234567A)

  • 1. When is the CPD deadline?

    The 2019 CPD Cycle started from 1 Oct 2018 and will end on 30 Sept 2019.


  • 2. How many CPD points have I completed? Do I meet the C1, C2 and C3 CPD Requirements?

    To check your CPD fulfilment status, please log in to My CPD Portal ( with your SingPass.

    With effect from 26th March 2019, CEA has announced that the CPD 2 requirement (C1, C2 and C3 course under 3 consecutive CPD cycles) has been waived off.

    Hence, RES will now only need to ensure that they clock in atleast 6 Core Points or 4 Core Points with 2 Non-Core Points every cycle. 

  • 3.. How do I update my CPD Course?

    For core CPD activities, the respective approved course providers that you attend Core activities at will update your attendance in the "My CPD Portal". 

    For non-core CPD activities, you can submit your attendance through the portal or submit a copy of the course certificate of attendance to your agency. Your Key Executive Officer (KEO) and his/her authorised users are able to update your attendance in the portal.

  • 4. Can I take ALL CORE Courses?

    If you have attended CORE CPD Activities with at least 6 CORE CPD Credit Hours, you need not attend the NON-CORE CPD Activities.

  • 5. How do I know the category of my course (whether it is C1, C2 or C3)

     The classification of C1, C2 or C3 has been included in the course title e.g. C3L3S0330 - C3:L3 - CAD-CEA Joint Outreach Session to Key Executive Officers on Anti-Money Laundering and COuntering the Financing of Terrorism.

  • 6. What are the CPD Course Levels? Does the salesperson need a minimum number of years of working experience to qualify for a certain level?

     The CPD Course Levels are to guide the salespersons when choosing a course to attend. They are free to choose the level of courses that is appropriate for them or with guidance from their KEOs.

    • Level 1 Courses:

    Focus on laying the foundation for essential kmowledge and enabling salespersons to develop their competencies, ethics and professionalism. These training courses are targeted at salespersons who are new to the industry or in the early years of their career, and who need to build up their professional knowledge.

    • Level 2 Courses:

    Enable the salespersons to gain advanced knowledge related to real estate and acquire problem solving and management skills to manage a team effectively. Experienced salespersons who are at an advanced level or functioning as team leaders with supervisory responisbilities will benefit from these courses.

    • Level 3 Courses:

    Aimed at KEOs, practising directors/partners and salespersons in senior management positions. These training courses seek to enable them to explore the finer details of the real estate disciplines, such as deeper knowledge professionalism, ethics, law, practice management, governance and complaint management. These courses will also prepare them for their management roles by allowing them to acquire leadership and senior management skills to manage and lead an estate agent.

  • 7. I am a new salesperson. Do I need to complete any CPD Credit Hours in my first year?

    New Salespersons are exempted from CPD Requirement for the First CPD Cycle but they will need to comply with CEA's CPD Requirement for subsequent CPD Cycles.

    For example, if a salesperson is registered on 1 Aug 2017, he will be exempted for the CPD cycle from 1 Oct 2016 to 30 Sept 2017. He/She is required to fulfil the CPD Requirement for the next CPD Cycle which starts from 1 Oct 2017.

  • 8. I attended a non-core activity from one of the CPD Course providers, however, my KEO refuses to accord it as a non-core activity. What can I do?

    For non-core course activities, the Key Executive Officers (KEOs) of the estate agents are the ones to assess if the courses which their salespersons attend can be accorded non-core CPD Credit Hours. Salespersons are advised to consult their KEOs before signing up for NON-CORE course activities. 

  • 9. Can I attend the same CPD Course TWICE within a CPD Cycle? Will it be recognised?

     CEA does not encourage salespersons to take the same course (identifies by the same serial number) more than once within the same CPD cycle, unless the course has been updated or changed. If a salesperson takes the same CPD course within the 1 year CPD cycle, the CPD credit hours for the repeated course will not be counted.

    Salespersons can retake the same CPD course in different CPD cycles. We would strongly encourage the salespersons to take part in different CPD activities instead of chalking up the CPD hours through the same activities.

  • 10. I left the industry in year 2013, how many CPD Credit Hours must I fulfill before I can reapply for registration?

     KEOs, Practicing Directors/Partners and Salespersons who leave the industry (no longer registered with CEA through an estate agent), are required to fulfil the following requirements before applying for registration through a licensed estate agent:

    *In addition, if a former salesperson applies for registration in the last 3 months of a CPD Cycle, he will be required to fulfil the current year's CPD Requirement before submitting the application.

    Below is an illustration of the CPD Requirement for a salesperson who has left the industry for up to 2 years:

    Salesperson left the industry in Dec 2013 without fulfilling the CPD requirements in 2013 and is reapplying for registration in Sep 2015. He is required to fulfil in 16 CPD Credit Hours, of which at least 8 Credit Hours must be on CORE subjects, before applying for registration. Salesperson may also fulfil 16 CPD Credit Hours from CORE subjects ONLY. Salesperson has to apply for registration through his intended estate agency by Dec 2015 (within 2 years).

    *From year 2013 onwards, each CPD cycle shall end of Sept of each year. Hence, the 2013 CPD Cycle will start from 1 Jan to 30 Sept 2013 (9 months) to tie in with the license registration renewal/continuation in Oct 2013. Subsequent CPD Cycles will resume the 12-month period from every 1 Oct of the year to 30 Sept of the following year.

    Besides meeting their CPD Requirements, returning salespersons will also have to fully pay their medisave arrears with CPF or are on an active GIRO instalment plan for monthly payment to their medisave account before they can submit their registration.

    You can check your CPF Medisave payment status at:

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